House Renovations

Property Renovations in Ruislip, Harrow, West London & the Neighbouring Areas

Pronto Build Ltd performs property renovations of outstanding quality across West London and neighbouring Surrey, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire locations. From Ruislip to Harrow, and from Hayes to Wembley, our team has the expertise and experience to undertake projects of any size for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the region. In our role as building contractors, we have a team of tradesmen who specialise in every aspect of the building industry. As such, we have the ability to transform dated, stagnant or even dilapidated structures, turning them into buildings fit for modern day use.

Our property renovations include:

  • Repair & Restoration of Original Features
  • Structural Alterations & Repairs
  • External Alterations & Repairs
  • Upgrades to Heating & Electrical Systems
  • Improving Energy Efficiency
  • Tiling, Flooring & Finishing Work

Much like our house extensions and house refurbishments, our clients have a unique concept in mind when it comes to their own property renovations. With our impressive depth of knowledge, we tailor our approach to suit any individual requirements, completing work to exact specifications and the very highest of standards.

image of Renovate hall

A Closer Look at Property Renovations

By definition, the term ‘renovation’ describes any process of restoring something, in our case a building, to a good state of repair. From a neglected house in Ruislip to a dilapidated business property in Harrow, our transformative services rejuvenate buildings while retaining their original structure.

Despite their bespoke quality, most property renovations that we undertake as building contractors follow these common steps:

1. Assess the Existing Structure – This assessment provides an essential platform from which we make all subsequent decisions. The results of this procedure give us a detailed insight into the overall extent and severity of issues compromising the foundations, brickwork or any other structural feature.

2. Prevent Further Damage – Regardless of the existing structural damage, it can always get worse. As your building contractors, we have a range of measures designed to prevent further damage and deter would-be vandals and trespassers. These include boarding-up broken windows, assembling support scaffolds and erecting temporary roofing.

3. Initial Stabilisation – If the assessment into the existing structure highlighted compromised foundations, rectifying this issue takes precedence. Property renovations in Ruislip, Harrow and the surrounding areas won’t succeed in the long-term without solid, stable foundations. In these cases, we perform work such as underpinning, piling or any other services that halt lateral spread in the walls and roof. Should a collapse remain possible, our team also inserts steel beams or props.

4. Demolition, Stripping & Clearance – With a stable structure in place, we perform stripping out, demolition and clearance of the site as required. This reduces the property to a shell that only contains features we plan to integrate into the property renovations. With a bare structure, our building contractors perform another investigation, particularly on the drainage system and damp-proofing. Our team duly fixes any uncovered issues.

After completing these steps, property renovations move onto the exciting prospect of turning designs and plans into reality.

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