Building Contractors in Harrow | Benefits That Come with Our Services

In our role as building contractors and house builders, Pronto Build Ltd provides a wide range of property development services designed to benefit our clients’ lives. While work like house refurbishments, property renovations and home extensions deliver personal advantages specific to each individual homeowner, they also have more general benefits related to their very nature. Regardless of what work our Harrow clients require, they all but guarantee a wealth of advantages that increase the value of their initial investment.

Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the benefits property owners can expect when hiring us as their building contractors or house builders.

Advantages of Our Core Services

House Refurbishments

Due to a vast range of different projects and sizes, the benefits of individual house refurbishments in the Harrow area vary. For example, a landlord looking to freshen up a property will also be looking to keep costs down, so the primary advantage here remains a visual appeal that attracts tenants. However, such work rarely adds any value to a home.

Popular house refurbishments on a more extensive level include fitting new bathrooms and kitchens. According to a study by HSBC, a new kitchen adds at least £5,000 to a property, while a new bathroom adds approximately £2,500. In both cases, this sees a return on the original investment in the region of 50%.

Property Renovations

There remains an undoubted appeal to buying a run-down house and hiring house builders and building contractors to carry out property renovations that create a unique, highly personal home. In fact, the primary benefit of property renovations, at least for most, lays in the potential blend of traditional, period architecture with interior designs for modern living. Naturally, the final result creates a truly unique space influenced by the taste and personality of the property owner.

When managed correctly, property renovations also have the potential to add overall value. The true impact of this benefit depends on the original condition of the Harrow property and how much it was bought for. Regardless, correcting structural issues, modernising interiors and installing a new bathroom and kitchen all add immediate value to the home.

Home Extensions

While house refurbishments and property renovations will always hold their popularity, home extensions continue to lead the way when it comes to wise investments. In the short-term, the home extensions we construct as building contractors and house builders deliver well-known benefits like increased living and storage space. These help to accommodate growing families or a move to working at home without the hassle and cost of moving.

Home extensions also provide benefits in the long-term too. While the full benefits depend on the location and size of the Harrow property, numerous studies have concluded that any kind of extension adds value. The most lucrative home extensions come in the form of a double bedroom with en-suite facilities. According to Nationwide, these can add as much as 23% to a property’s value. On average, Zopa found that home extensions created an average return on investments of approximately 71%.